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 The Monroe Institute’s Programmes in Australia.

Bridging Concepts has brought The Monroe Institute’s meditation programme and retreats to Australia

We offer 6 day residential programmes and two day workshops from The Monroe Institute in Virginia USA.

The meditation retreats are run at Sangsurya retreat in Byron Bay. Situated on a tree lined ridge on the outskirts of Byron Bay NSW Australia.

The first one, The Gateway Voyage, is a six-day intensive meditation programme and hails the beginnings of Bridging Concepts meditation retreats in Australia. It is a programme of discovery, where you can explore different states of consciousness through direct experience. Exploring our internal world, we are able to understand in greater depth the nature of our own reality, who we are and our relationship to the universe. We utilize an audio-guidance technology called Hemi-Sync® as a tool to access these levels of awareness.

We invite you to find out for yourself and let the Gateway Voyage programme guide you on your own personal voyage inward.

You will learn and experience the many application and benefits this exploration brings to your life.……… see more


Other six-day residential meditation retreat programmes in Australia are LIFELINE & GUIDELINES


Meditation Retreats in Australia – Sangsurya Byron Bay





Imagination is your tool

of creation,

every thought is a seed

of a possible future.